Crazy to think Immersys Beta was released just over a month ago on Bitcoin Pizza day! The community has grown as well as the game and what we have coming next is awesome. We are introducing a major beta of what “play-to-earn” will look like on Immersys, just two weeks after it was voted on by users in our priority pool.

But first, we’ve put together some of the numbers:

Social Media Stats:

Discord: 779 Members
Twitter: 1393 Followers
YouTube: 42 Subscribers
Telegram: 239 Members

Player Numbers:

Total Unique Beta Card Holders: 306
Highest Concurrent Players Online: 19
Highest Unique Players in 24Hrs: 122
Total Beta Keys Airdropped…

Immersys is the WAX NFT metaverse poised to permanently alter what it means to own, create, and use NFTs. The interactive virtual world already has 15 NFT creator’s collections to-date inside with more being added every week.

Those lucky enough to have early access inside the Immersys metaverse are seeing new updates and additions being added on a weekly basis.

Here’s a quick rundown of all the different drops and updates that have happened so far in Immersys.

Drops so Far

The Beta Access Cards: The first major Immersys drop were the 100 player beta access cards that allowed exclusive access into Immersys…

The first round of the highly anticipated NFT access keys to Immersys sold out in less than 2 seconds, creating what is about to become the new future for NFTs, NFT creators, and the WAX community

Have you ever been stuck trying to explain what NFTs are to a friend or family member? You go round and round trying to explain why they’re valuable and they still don’t get it?

That’s all about to change.

Immersys is a WAX NFT Metaverse where players can interact with digital assets in a digital world.

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