Get Ready for Christmas in the Immersys Metaverse

Bibi on the Blockchain, an Immersys Holiday Quest

As the weather gets colder and the nights turn longer, there’s only one way to keep warm inside Immersys. Are you ready for your next challenge?

Bibi the Elf

It’s time to kickstart the holiday season inside Immersys.

Immersys will be launching the first annual Bibi on the Blockchain event, starting Wednesday, December 1. Bibi on the Blockchain is a 25 day long Christmas themed quest that will feature our newest character, Bibi the Elf. Bibi will be rewarding the nice, scolding the naughty, and be spreading the NFT cheer to all.

Here’s How It Works

Players can log into Immersys on December 1 to receive their special edition Christmas-themed hat. Once you have the hat on your avatar all snug and warm, the adventure begins.

Free Christmas Hat

Every 24 hours, Bibi the Elf will spawn in various locations throughout the Immersys metaverse, gifting special and unique NFTs to those lucky enough to find her hiding place. Each and every NFT was made by a WAX Blockchain NFT Creator! Immersys players will have to find Bibi the Elf in time in order to receive limited edition NFTs that could come in handy down the line. She will be handing NFT’s out every day up until Christmas day, December 25, where you will be able to obtain a bundle of NFT gifts, just like it’s Christmas morning.

You will want to come back each day to find Bibi the Elf and collect her NFT gifts. Those who collect at least 8 of her gifts will receive a special prize come Christmas day. Those who collect 16 gifts can collect both the 8-day prize and the 16-day prize. And finally, those who capture all 24 days-worth of Bibi’s gifts will get the ultimate prize of them all, a true Christmas day present bonanza.

Be sure to follow along on Immersys Discord and Twitter to keep up with Bibi the Elf and Bibi on the Blockchain updates.

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