Immersys Free Week & Leveling

3…2…1: Celebrate the Holidays with the Immersys Free Week Holiday Extravaganza

Looking for something to do this holiday season with your friends and family that isn’t another game of Quiplash? Tired of trying to explain what the metaverse is to your cousins and uncle?

This holiday season, why not actually show your friends and family inside one of the fastest up-and-coming metaverses on the WAX blockchain.

So, crack open the eggnog and crank up the volume on your holiday favorites. You’re invited to spend your holidays inside the Immersys metaverse.

Immersys Free Holiday Week

Immersys is capping off it’s month-long “Bibi on the Blockchain” event with not just a free weekend, but a full-blown free week to celebrate the holidays.

Starting Christmas, December 25 and running through December 31, the Immersys metaverse will be open to the public without requiring a Beta pass for entry. It is an extended version of their typical free weekend. While you are home for the holidays, invite your friends and family to explore inside Immersys and get a taste for hunting for NFTs and earning crypto.

It’s easy to get started. With a two-click wallet set up and a quick download, you can be playing Immersys and earning within minutes.

What Can You Expect?

Everyone knows Elf on a Shelf, but Immersys was the first to introduce Bibi on the Blockchain. Bibi is the magical holiday character inside Immersys. All month long, she teleported to different regions of Immersys metaverse every 24 hours and gifted exclusive NFTs to those lucky enough to find her.

Players who have been collecting Bibi’s NFT presents all month long will have a true Christmas morning on December 25 — this means even more presents! Immersys players who collected at least 8 of Bibi’s presents will receive a special-edition NFT. Those who collected at least 16 will receive two additional NFT collectibles and those who collected all 24 of Bibi’s gifts will receive the ultimate Christmas NFT, plus the two other NFTs.

But that’s only the beginning.

What’s New?

Whether you’re new to Immersys who have been around for a while, there is going to be tons of new content to explore. One of the most exciting new pieces of content that the free holiday extravaganza week will feature is the introduction of leveling up and skills.

There was a huge demand from Immersys players to get an additional sense of progress that comes with the grind. We’re happy to announce that we are deploying leveling on Christmas morning.

Now, when you chop down a tree, mine ore, or fish for fish, you will get XP that comes out of the ground in orbs that you can pick up. You can see the progress you are earning as you go. Every action you take inside Immersys matters and can affect other parts of the game. Gaining these levels will affect your ability to accomplish different things faster, like gathering speed and luck.

Celebrate the Inaugural Year of Immersys during the Holiday Extravaganza

2021 has been one of the most exciting years yet. Immersys was founded and created in 2021, we’ve built an amazing community of players and supporters, and we are so excited to celebrate its initial year with a free week during the holidays. We have so much in store for our 2022 roadmap, including property sales, combat, and so much more.

So, invite your friends and family and start collecting NFTs inside Immersys during our free holiday week.

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